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Energy Efficient Homes

Green homes are designed to perform better by using materials and systems that assists in lowering the use of nonrenewable energy. As the cost to heat and cool a home rises, it becomes even more important to build a super energy efficient home.

All major components of an energy efficient home are evaluated to determine optimal performance levels.

Choosing the quantity and type of insulation are the two most important decisions that affect the comfort and energy savings of a house. A well insulated energy saving home helps reduce energy loss through air leaks and provide lower operating costs due to reduced heating and cooling requirements. A radiant barrier can also help eliminate up to 90% of the solar heat gain from entering your attic. This helps your air conditioning system operate more efficiently.

Window design and placement have a significant impact on comfort and energy saving of a home. Like insulation, windows are rated for the ability to resists the flow of heat. The lower the U value number, the more energy efficient the window, this helps minimize heat gain inside the home. An energy efficient home will have double pane windows with low emissive glass (low e for short) which allows the passage of visible light but reflects infrared energy toward the warm side of the glass. Proper installation is also important and will help eliminate air infiltration and provide greater comfort. For additional information about window efficiency visit

Changing climate and weather patterns along with a steady demand increase for clean water are powerful incentives for plumbing systems that are more efficient and waste less water. Potential energy savings in water in an average household can be amount to thousands of gallons of water per year. The use of low flow fixtures and dual flush toilets can lower your water consumption by 30% or more. Tank less water heaters are more energy efficient than conventional style water heaters because you are not paying to heat water you don’t use. The water is heated as you need it, providing greater energy efficiency.

A well design lighting plan is really about maximizing natural light without compromising energy efficiency. What kind of lighting will be best for the tasks that will be performed? How long will light be needed and at what time of day? Careful placement of windows can make any room more inviting.
Using natural light to the fullest advantage not only saves energy but also makes us feel better and work more efficiently.

The green building, energy saving home strategy for electricity is simply to use less power. Because so much of the electricity we use is produced in power plants that burn fossil fuels, lowering consumption reduces greenhouse gas emissions and lowers operating costs. High efficiency lighting such compact florescent bulbs and energy star appliances along with designs that increase our use of natural light will make your home more energy efficient.

Castillo Housing is strongly committed to building green energy efficient homes. All of our homes are individually designed for optimal solar orientation, window placement, and energy efficiency. Call us today for a personal consultation in building your high performing super energy efficient home in Tampa, Florida.

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