“I encourage prospective clients to call any of our past clients to discuss their experience with our company. I believe this speaks volumes about our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.” …..Andrew Castillo 


“Everyone says building a house is a nightmare, but I did not have a nightmare. My most favorite thing about my home is the attention to detail. You can tell he really takes pride in his product. Working with the staff at Castillo Housing was extremely user friendly. “ Ms. Lorente

“The quality we found in this house was actually options with other builders. With other builders you pay for what are Castillo standards. I also love the way they are always there when you pick up the phone and call.” Mr. and Mrs. Kutz

“I love everything, I love everything, this Castillo home is my dream come true.” Ms. Villagomez

“It is refreshing to know there are individuals who are concerned about doing a good job and having their name behind something upstanding. I am happy to refer Castillo Housing to anyone looking for a reputable builder. Thank you again.” …Mr. and Mrs. Scalabroni

“Absolutely perfect experience. I will recommend Castillo Housing to anyone who will listen. Thank you all!” ….Mr. Zaifert

“Mr. Castillo did a fantastic job of walking us through our home and was very knowledgeable about its features.”…..Mr. Hazelwood and Ms. Exley


“In my five years of performing home inspections, I have never had a new home with zero defects. That streak has been broken. It is with a high level confidence that I would recommend your firm to anyone that inquired. Keep up the good work.”…Mr. Vance, home inspector

“In a very tough market when others seem to cut corners you have not. Thanks for making my job easier.” Mr. Schrenker…city building inspector