Our Story

Our Story 

At Castillo Housing, we recognize the significance a home has to you and your family and we build homes that contribute to your family’s well-being and peace of mind. Our focus is not on more bedrooms, more bathrooms, or more square footage. Our focus is simply to create a better home. A home that performs well and provides a healthier indoor environment, a home that is durable and will last, and a home that is comfortable and welcoming. 

We believe quality can be affordable. We believe in smart designs that maximize space and energy efficiency. We don’t try to imitate the past nor do we aim for mass appeal. Our homes are for people who want something different, something sustainable, something that appeals to higher standards.

While we may not be designing the home for everyone, we know there are a lot of people out there who see things our way. Hopefully, you are one of them.    

Andrew Castillo, President   

Our Team                                                                           

Andrew Castillo, President

Andrew Castillo  is a self-starter with an extensive background in real estate and construction. His passion is residential construction with an emphasis on sustainability and green building practices. He is a member of the US Green Building Council, an EPA Energy Star Builder, Indoor Air Quality Association member, a Certified Residential Building Inspector by the International Code Council, and a Florida Licensed Building Contractor.

He is the master mind behind Castillo Housing and his ideas are the center of what we do. He is personally involved in every project and extreme when it comes to the details. From research and development, to positioning and brand, Andrew is involved in everything.  

Danielle 2

Jean Miller - Controller 

Jean is a valuable asset to Castillo Housing; she has over 25 years of experience in Commercial and Residential Construction.  As Chief Accounting Officer, Jean has implemented state-of-the-art accounting system. She also manages all of our financials and accounting functions.  She participates in financial strategic planning and provides a visionary and leadership role supporting Castillo Housing.  


Mary Ann Cappadoro - Interior Designer Extraordinaire

Mary Ann is a lifetime resident of Hillsborough County.  While earning her degree in interior design at FSU, she spent a semester in Florence, Italy studying architecture and photography while exploring Africa and Spain between classes.

As a professional interior designer, Mary Ann is a talented Interior Design Consultant with an eye for detail. She has spent over twenty years designing residential kitchens and bathrooms bringing elements of a project together as a unified whole.  Mary Ann can creatively conceptualize and communicate with her client's the best options based on budget and scope of work.  She demonstrates success transforming client's ideas into beautiful functional design solutions.  She enjoys educating her clients about the products best suited for them. She holds a professional license in Florida and is an Allied Member of American Society of Interior Designers. Her portfolio includes commercial as well as residential interiors.