Certifications & Affiliations


Certification & Affiliations                                       

Castillo Housing Corporation                                                                   

  • Member - U.S. Green Building Council
  • Member - Indoor Air Quality Association 
  • Member - International Code Council - Certified Residential Building Inspector                                        
  • Member - U.S. Department of Energy – Energy Star Partner 
  • Member - Florida Green Building Coalition
  • Florida Real Estate Broker BK3017040
  • State of Florida Certified Building Contractor since 1994 CBC #057211
  • VA Approved Builder #8169


  The LEED For Homes program was developed by the US Green Building Council from local and national industry leaders. It is a voluntary initiative promoting the transformation of the mainstream building industry toward more sustainable building practices. The LEED for homes program is a tool for builders, homeowners and local government.  LEED encourages environmentally sound, healthy and resource efficient places to live.

  Energy Star is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping us all to save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices.

  The International Code Council is a member-focused association decicated to helping the building safety community and construction industry provide safe, sustainable and affordable construction through the development of codes and standards used in the design, build and compliance process.  The ICC develops the International Energy Conservation Code, a model energy efficiency code.  This is one of many sustainable, green safe construction initiatives of the Council.

  The Indoor Air Quality Association Inc.; (IAQA) was established in 1995 to promote uniform standards, procedures and protocols in the "Indoor Air Quality", industry.

  WaterSense makes it easy to find and select water efficient products and ensures consumers confidence in those products with a label backed by independent certification.  Certifying organizations help maintain the WaterSense integrity and credibility by verifying and testing products for conformance to WaterSense specifications, efficiency performance, label use, and also conduct market surveillance. By using water efficient products and practices, consumers save natural resources, reduce water consumption and save money.

   FGBC Florida Green Building Coalition, provide sustainable "Green" building improvement solutions for existing commercial properties.  Our holistic approach integrates the functional relationship between the building parts and the whole. Improvements are achieved through our proprietary three step process: 

  • Complete Building Diagnostics - Architecturally and Mechanically
  • Sustainable Building Improvements - As dictated by the diagnostic
  • Verification of Results - Quantifiable and pre occupant perception 

This unique approach, our diversity, and our ability to create a successful project "culture" are what make us different.  We will offer our clients the opportunity to improve their properties market appeal, energy efficiency, sustainability, Indoor Air Quality and more, without the burden of managing the improvements.

  Equal Housing Opportunity, The sale and purchase of a home is one of the most significant events that an individual will experience in their lifetime.  It is more than the simple purchase of housing, for it directly impacts the hopes, dreams, aspirations, and economic destiny of those involved.  It is for this reason that the Fair Housing Act and other federal and state laws were enacted to guarantee a right to a national housing market free from discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, family status, and national origin.  

  The Certified Green Professional; designation recongnizes builders, remodelers and other industry professionals who incorporate green building principles in homes - without driving up the cost of construction.  Classwork leading to the designation provides a solid background in green building methods. , as well as the tools to reach consumers, from the organization leading the charge to provide market-driven green build solutions to the home building industry.

   Florida Department of Business and Professionial Regulation allows professionals to interact with the Florida state government easily.  Department of Business and Professional Regulation for Florida, ensures that quality services are provided to the general public.  This helps professionals register for and manage their licenses and permits, quickly and easily.                                                                                                            


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